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    Social Media Strategy

    A successful social media strategy will contain each of the following elements:

    Your audience (current and potential) - define in detail who you are trying to reach. Understand how your audience is using social media and where they spend their time before you attempt to launch your social media strategy.

    Your objectives - be clear about what you are trying to achieve and make sure your objectives are measurable. Just gaining an audience without real ROI metrics is not sufficient.

    Your message - social media should be an extension of your brand. How you communicate and use social media tools will speak volumes about your brand. Get it right and your can reach new audiences.

    Your Intellectual Property (IP) strategy - one of the msot overlooked opportunities is the ability to generate valuable content from your social media efforts. You need to have a plan on how to capture the huge amount of value created in the conversations taking place in social spaces.

    Your network champions (subject matter experts) - like any major project, social media does not "happen by itself". It will need champions within the organization to drive it forward and to keep your strategy focused and on track. Someone needs to "own" the responsibility for social media.

    The selection of technology tools (social media platforms and applications) - which social media tools to use for which purpose, by whom and when should be determined only after the above elements are in place. Who you are trying to reach for what outcome and measures will determine which social media tools should be employed. Too many organizations are in "ready, shoot, aim" mode when it comes to social media.

    The process, structure, plan and resource allocation to implement your strategy - in the vast majority of more than 900 organizations surveyed, social media has been added to the responsibilities of marketing, communications, customer or members services etc. without any additional staff or other resources. Social media will change the way that people communicate, make decisions and interact with your organization. Your staff need to be trained, prepared and given the tools to take advantage of the new environment.

    Why social media projects fail:

    Many social media initiatives will fail for one or more of the following management errors:

    1. No clear objectives
    2. No clear measurements
    3. No one person accountable
    4. No budget or resource allocation
    5. No sustainable business model (ROI)
    6. No senior management buy-in or support
    7. No integration with the company CRM/AMS customer database

    It only takes one of the above 7 items to cause a social media campaign to fail. As the CEO of your organization, it is important that your organization and staff teams are prepared to address each of these critical areas.


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